Executive Director – Nolan Santikko

“I truly enjoy working in the healthcare industry is. While providing excellent care, I get to enjoy learning new things every day working with wonderful residents, staff, and corporate leaders.”

Director of Nursing – Rachel Boles

“Working in long term care has been the most rewarding opportunity I have had in my nursing career. I love providing the care and support to all of our residents. Once the residents are admitted to us, they become a part of our family. We show them the care, respect, and dignity that one would want for their own family. I wouldn’t trade the relationships that we build with our residents and families for anything!”

Business Office Manager – Stephanie Tesch

“There is great satisfaction in knowing that families trust me enough to guide them through the financial network of long term care. For me, the most rewarding aspect of my job is building relationships with the residents, families, and my coworkers. I pride myself in having a wealth of knowledge of the health care industry and being a point person others can go to for help.”

Director of Therapy – Connie Frey

“I love working with the elderly and making their lives as comfortable as possible. I love that the littlest things give them joy and they appreciate everything you can do for them and the time you spend with them.”

Social Services Director – Penny Hanson

“After experiencing various social work fields, I realized the nursing home setting and the elderly population is where my heart tugs. My favorite thing about this industry is the residents and their stories, and their willingness to share a piece of their lives with me. I get to share in the journey when they reach their goals to return home or help them to find closure at the end of life’s journey. I choose to stay because I am surrounded by co-workers that have big hearts and put the residents first.”